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12-Week Weight Loss Program

With Nicole Gauthier, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach


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Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life!

Do you feel like you are physically stuck (as in can't get the weight to budge no matter what you do, or .... 

mentally stuck (know you need to do something but are overwhelmed with all the info out there and just can't get motivated to get started?

If so read on!

I help women every day who have tried ever diet, every class, and every workout program possible without seeing results.

The reason is's not personalized for THEM!

See, not all women respond to the same workouts, foods or even lifestyle. 

Some of my clients need more help with their diet, some need help figuring out how to fit workouts into their day and some need lifestyle adjustments BEFORE they are ever able to see any results. Either way, it ALL works together and what you need it a customized plan addressing all these factors. 

That's where I come in. I coach my clients 1:1 to find out what's holding things up. Why they can't get motivated to workout and/or why they seem to just be spinning their wheels. 

We come up with a plan and I hold them accountable. I help them envision what's possible... and then DO IT! 


I believe in each one of my clients, and if YOU need help, I truly believe I can help you.

But I have some good news and bad news...

GOOD NEWS: I am currently taking applications for my 12 Week weight loss program. It's a PROVEN system for women 40+ and are ready to lose stubborn weight more without long, high intensity workouts and without starving yourself.

BAD NEWS: Due to the amount of coaching and support I provide each of my clients, I can only take 10 clients a time and often go on a waiting list, so be sure to get your application in as soon possible! There's no obligation to sign up, however I do work on a first-come-first-served basis when on a waiting list.

Check out more details below then apply today!

About the SimplyFit 12-Week Weight Loss Program

This is a 1:1 online/phone coaching program. 

During your 12-week program,  I'm going to personally teach you step-by-step how to lose weight and get in shape finally…. FOREVER through education, accountability, support and easy to follow plans. 

This is not some cookie-cutter, random set of exercises or routines and recipes you'd get off of Pinterest or in a magazine. 

You'll be getting a customized program from a true expert, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach to meet your individual needs!

No need to eat tasteless food or do long, boring workouts everyday, or even go to a gym!  All workouts can be done at home, with minimal equipment in as little as 30 minutes. 

What You'll Get:

  • Weekly Nutrition Plan 
  • Weekly Coaching call
  • Customized Training Program (demo videos provided!)
  • Access to SimplyFit Workout App for your custom workouts, progress tracking and accountability.
  • Access to the Coaching website for your success guides, recipes and more
  • Ongoing support through app or email.

Requirements to Apply:

1. You agree to fully commit to the program (I'm 110% committed to helping YOU!)

2. You can book a call with me to discuss and start within the next week if accepted.

3. I will walk you through everything step-by-step, but you have to put in the work! (action-takers only)

4. Understand there IS an investment required, that you are WORTH IT!

Nutrition Coaching

Weekly meal plans that fit your lifestyle.

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Habit & Mindset Coaching

All the tools and resources (beyond meal plans and workouts) that you need to be successful!

Customized Workout Plan

The more personalized a workout plan is, the higher the chance you‘ll have to succeed.

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Workout App

Track your progress, habits and workouts!  In the app you will find complete instructions, exercise demo videos and workout timer for YOUR custom, SimplyFit Workout Plan

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What to Expect:

Once accepted into the program, you'll have an opportunity to sign for your 12 week program. There is a discounted paid-in-full option, as well as a monthly payment plan.

Once registered, you'll gain immediate access to your New Client Guide and basic Nutrition Guide. 

After you complete your New Client set-up, we'll schedule your on-boarding call. 

Each week we'll have a private coaching call and each week you'll be held accountable. We'll discuss how your week went and your schedule and plan for the following week.

Any questions are welcome anytime via the app or through email.


Hello! I'm Nicole! I've been a personal trainer since 1996.

A former bodybuilder, I began as in-home personal trainer in Brentwood, TN and went on to appear regularly as a fitness expert and on-air guest on home shopping networks for over two years. 

In 2009 I started my fitness boot camp company and helped thousands of women get fit at my boot camp locations and studios in the Nashville area for almost 10 years.

I now specialize in-home personal training and online coaching Coaching, primarily with women 40+

I love helping my clients get fit and feel their best ever and I can't wait to get you started on your program soon!

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Nicole Gauthier is the best coach ever! She has not only gotten me off the couch and exercising again I am now eating a healthy clean diet. I’m even losing weight and have lots more energy with all the yummy foods and easy recipes she provides me with. She also makes it so easy to follow everything and is always available whenever I have questions or just need a confidence boost. I highly recommend her for any of your nutritional or weight loss needs. A.M

“I was overwhelmed at the thought of needing to lose 40 lbs. My weight gain came on over the last 3 years as a result of middle age hormone changes, high levels of stress from working on a Master's degree, and my job. I then had to be put on blood pressure medication! I thought, "If I could just have a diet plan that had normal ingredients available in any grocery store, had substitutions for my food allergies, was quick to prepare, then I can do it." Simply Fit Club jump start was all of that, and more! With the weekly menu, grocery list, and exercise plan, along with the accountability Nicole provides, I lost 13 lbs in the first 5 weeks! As a self-proclaimed "carbotarian" and sugar addict, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to stick to the plan. However, I only suffered from cravings and a headache during the first few days, and since then, feel amazing. I have received compliments on how good my skin looks! If my stubborn pounds melted away with SFC, it can work for you, too! ” Janina

“I recently completed the 6 week challenge with Nicole and am thrilled with the results in such a short time,,, I realized at age 64 I was not eating healthy, even though I wasn't overweight. Shortly after, I received Nicole's email about the Jumpstart challenge and knew that's what I needed to start down a healthy eating style. I've always been a very picky eater but I learned to actually enjoy new foods and recipes I never would have chosen before. Having a meal plan to stick to was exactly what I needed, along with the workouts I could do at home. I now crave veggies instead of sweets, am down 8 pounds and 6". Thank you Nicole for helping me learn "how to live healthy". This is my new normal and I won't ever go back.” B.D.

Apply Today to Work with Me!

Please complete the following application to be considered for my fitness, nutrition and well-being coaching. On the next page you will select a time for 15 mintute call to discuss your application, and ask questions. 

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