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Get Fit & Stay Fit for Your Best Years Yet!

Do you need fitness plan but don't know where to start?

Do you lack motivation to workout on your own?

Do you love to be outdoors?

In April, it will be 12 years since I started my women's group fitness class in the park. 

Since then a lot has changed!

But one thing that has never changed is the need for a solid fitness routine and community of women you enjoy working out with.  

That's why I'm doing it again, this time in the SimplyFit Outdoor Fitness Club

I've been a Personal Trainer since 1996, but took a break after I closed my boot camp program that I ran for nearly 10 years.  For the past 2 years I have been working with clients again both one-on-one and online and now specialize in helping women 40+ get fit for the best years yet! 

We focus on strength, balance and feeling more confident in our bodies.

My new outdoor fitness club is designed for women 40+ who love to be outdoors and want to be part of a community of life-mind women. 

These small group personal training sessions will primarily include resistance training with a touch of pilates and yoga-based exercise and stretches. 

I will also provide ongoing nutrition, fitness and wellness coaching through the my members-only website for all members of the club. 

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Classes held near Granny White Park, Brentwood TN


This program is a perfect fit for YOU if... 

  • You’re over 40 and want to get fit for your best years yet
  • You're a beginner or just getting back in shape
  • You want to reduce risk of injury and ease into a workout program
  • You want to build overall strength and maintain bone density.
  • You want to improve flexibility
  • You want to increase your energy levels and boost your mood
  • You want to be motivated to workout
  • You love being outdoors and want to spend more time outside
  • You want to have fun while connecting with other ladies with similar goals! 

We will focus on:

  • Stretching and flexibility training
  • Balance exercises
  • Strength training
  • Toning exercises for your legs, core and arms
  • Low-impact cardio exercises 

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