SimplyFit Club 28-Day Stronger to the Core Program

Who is the 28-Day Stronger to the Core Program for?

  • You are a woman in your 40’s, 50’s or beyond with a zest for life and wants a body that can keep up!
  • You’ve got a sense of adventure about you, but are tired of feeling tired.
  • You want to feel STRONG, balanced and more confident, but you don’t know where to start, how to eat or what workouts do to do.
  • You’re overwhelmed confused by all the confusing info out there and just need guide who will help you simplify it all and be there along the way for support, even if that’s just saying “hey, tomorrow’s a new day, you’ve got this."
  • You’re ready to make a change though and know you are worth it!!

If you want to learn how to always have healthy meals ready to eat, want to tone-up, have more energy, get stronger, reduce belly bloat, strengthen your core and improve your posture-- this is the program for you!

Now picture this:

Imagine waking up to a clear, precise plan for your health and fitness over the next four weeks...healthy, ready-to-go meals in the fridge, a workout already designed for you and and plenty of support from your coach!

No more overwhelm on how to get started. No more spending hours in the gym or in the kitchen! We’re going to simplify things and get really focused in my 4-week "Stronger to the Core" Program to create sustainable, lifelong habits!

What to Expect

By the end of this program, you will have a noticeably strong core (and body!) and will be moving better than ever.

You’ll have reduced your waist (average about 3 inches in 4 weeks,) lost pounds and any belly bloating.

You’ll feel more confident and energetic, plus you’ll even have better posture.

This 4-Week Program has EVERYTHING you to strengthen your core and improve your posture!

  • 4 Weeks of Dietitian-Approved Meal Plans
  • 4 Weeks of "Print & Go" Grocery Lists
  • "Stronger to the Core" At-home, Beginner Workout Program
  • Complete Success Manual
  • Over 50 Delicious & Easy-to-Make Recipes
  • Daily Motivational & Inspirational Emails
  • Client Website with all Resources
  • Tech "Cheat Sheet"
  • PLUS a Special Bonus: Beginner Quickstart Exercise Guide!
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"I recently completed the 6 week Jumpstart challenge with Nicole and am thrilled with the results in such a short time. I realized at age 64 I was not eating healthy, even though I wasn't overweight. Shortly after, I received Nicole's email about the Jumpstart challenge and knew that's what I needed to start down a healthy eating style. I've always been a very picky eater but I learned to actually enjoy new foods and recipes I never would have chosen before. Having a meal plan to stick to was exactly what I needed, along with the workouts I could do at home. I now crave veggies instead of sweets, am down 8 pounds and 6". Thank you Nicole for helping me learn "how to live healthy". This is my new normal and I won't ever go back."

6-Week JumpStart Challenge

"With the weekly menu, grocery list, and exercise plan, along with the accountability Nicole provides, I lost 13 lbs in the first 5 weeks!"

6-Week JumpStart Challenge

"Nicole Gauthier is the best coach ever! She has not only gotten me off the couch and exercising again I am now eating a healthy clean diet. I’m even losing weight and have lots more energy with all the yummy foods and easy recipes she provides me with."

Nutrition Coaching Client

"Momma needs a new pair of jeans now! I lost 10 pounds and 2 inches in January; bringing my total loss to 20 lbs. and a total of 6 inches since I began with this wonderful program last October!! I have fallen in love with shopping and preparing my meals on the weekend and the ease it allows throughout the week. I cannot say enough … I may not actually put on a bikini this summer, but more importantly, I won't be bundled up either!!"

Previous Challenge Member

"During this program I was able to change my eating habits and how I think about food. I no longer look at food emotionally, but as fuel to accomplish my goals. The meal prep on Sundays has been fantastic! I feel completely prepared to eat healthy from the beginning of the week. "

Previous Challenge Member

"When I signed up for the challenge, my goal was to up my healthy eating game. And the results took me completely by surprise! I lost the same amount in my waist and hips in the 4 weeks that I had in 7 months of just focusing on the exercise piece. And I lost weight I didn't even know I had to loose! I'm so excited to have better ideas for healthy eating, knowing I can drink more water successfully, and have good snacks to fill me up and keep me going. My energy level is awesome and overall I feel great! "

Previous Challenge Member

"Because the plan is so easy to follow, I was able to stick to it and saw results the very first week. I lost pounds and inches and have so much more energy. "

Previous Challenge Member

Begins February 26th 2021!

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BONUS: Beginner Quick Start Exercise Guide

When you sign up, you'll receive instant access to my Beginner Quickstart Exercise Guide with sample workouts and more! 

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Begins February 26th 2021!

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28-Day Stronger to the Core Mini-Coaching Program

4-Week Meal Plan

4 Weeks of Dietitian-Approved Meal Plans, Weekly "Print & Go" Grocery Lists, Over 50 Delicious & Easy-to-Make Recipes, PLUS a Special Bonus "Dining Out" Swap Guide!

Daily Workouts

 4 Weeks of full-body, at-home, strengthening and toning workouts  

Tools for Success

A complete Success Manual, Daily Motivation & Inspiration, Support and Accountability!

Meet Your Coach, Nicole Gauthier

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Virtual Coaching Specialist

Hello! I'm Nicole! I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years.

A former bodybuilder, I got my start as in-home personal trainer in Brentwood, TN and went on to appear regularly as a fitness expert and on-air guest on home shopping networks for over two years.  In 2009 I started my fitness boot camp company and helped thousands of women get fit at my boot camp locations and studios in the Nashville area for almost 10 years.

I now help my clients get fit in the comfort and convenience of their own homes with my online programs and I can't wait to get you started on yours!

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SimplyFit Club "Stonger to the Core" Program Begins Feb. 26th!









Begins February 26th 2021!

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