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The SimplyFit Club is a perfect fit for YOU if want to...

  • Want to save time and energy by having a PLAN
  • Get in shape and stay in shape
  • Keep better eating habits
  • Learn how to exercise at home
  • Stay motivated
  • Have more support and accountablity!

Your monthly subscription includes...

1. Online Community

Connect with the SimplyFit Club Community for ongoing support and accountability.

2. At-Home Workouts

Burn fat and sculpt your entire body with our monthly workout plans.

3. Nutrition Guidance

 Learn how to eat healthier, without overwhelm, with ongoing nutrition coaching and new recipes each month

4. Wellness Focus

Create new habits and reach your goals faster with our Monthly Wellness Focus.

April Wellness Focus: 

Break Through Your Plateau

This month is all about getting back to the basics to see the results you want – healthy food, daily movement, sleep, stress reduction, etc. And it’s designed so that those actions seem anything BUT basic! We’ll explore what it really takes to be successful, with a focus on building momentum to create a healthy lifestyle that supports long-term results.

May Theme: Healthy at Every Age! What are the exact steps you should take right now … how should those actions change as you get older? I'll help you focus on creating a lifestyle that supports wellness and fitness at every age, with research-backed tips, actions, and ideas.

Included in ALL SimplyFit programs and plans

June 2021 Theme: This month we are all about “cleaning it up” by paying attention to what we put IN our bodies, ON our bodies, and the environment AROUND us. We’ll talk about “cleaning it up” from every angle to help promote energy, wellness, and also help achieve those hard-won results! 


"I totally recommend Nicole's app for workouts. They don't require going to the gym, are not too long, but if you're a beginner like me, help me feel good about getting a workout in each feels great to know it's working and I'm making progress, one workout at a time."


Too Busy to Workout? Think Again...

With your SimplyFit Club Membership, you'll get access to short and effective brand new workouts every week that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment.

Workouts that you can do at home, take to the gym or on the road means you'll stay more consistent and reach your goals faster.

You'll receive plenty of accountability and support through your Trainer, Nicole, the SimplyFit Workout app and in our Private Members-Only Online Community with others who share similar goals. 

Each month you'll be empowered with healthy recipes, sample meal plans, and a new Wellness Focus designed to help you focus on creating new habits.

We can't wait to see you in the "Club!"

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What You'll Get With A SimplyFit Club Membership

  • 2 New Fat-Blasting, Body-Sculpting Workouts every week in addition to library of workouts.
  • Access to the SimplyFit Club app with a built-in Interval Timer & Tracker
  • Exercise Instructions and Demo Videos
  • Monthly Wellness Focus
  • Private "Members-Only" Facebook Group and Community
  • Monthly Zoom/Facebook Live Coaching calls (recorded)
  • Weekly wellness challenges
  • Nutrition Guidance, Recipes and Sample Meal Plans
  • Fitness & Nutrition Tracking (integrates with MyFitnessPal and FitBit )
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