Client Success: Strong and Fit at Almost 60!

testimonials Oct 26, 2020

After her 12 week coaching program, this client is down 14lbs, feels better and has more energy! She is now part of the monthly membership program in the SimplyFit Club!

In early July I realized that I needed guidance in order to achieve my goals of being fit, strong and getting the body I wanted before I turn 60 at the end of this year.  As most people have experienced, I had gained a few pounds during the COVID 19 quarantine.  It was a lonely depressing time for me.  Once the gyms opened back up, I tried to get back on board with what I had been doing but it just wasn’t working for me any longer.  

I found Nicole and her SimplyFit Club on FaceBook in late June and started following her.  She said things on her page that resonated with me.  After a few weeks I finally got in touch with Nicole and started on a 12-week program.  She provided weekly coaching calls, workouts, along with meal plans and recipes.  I admit I was a bit resistant at first, I remember telling her that I am not much of a cook and that meal prepping scared me, and there were certain things that I thought were non-negotiable (that glass of wine each night, for instance).  But she convinced me to give her method a try.  I can now say, I don’t mind cooking (still hate the cleanup) and I feel good about what I am putting into my body.  The workouts are very doable and don’t take more than an hour or so each day to do, usually they are 30 to 45 minutes.  She works with you to give you workouts you can do with the tools you have.  I explained the layout of my gym to her and we worked on a plan that keeps me from having to run from one area to another during the workout, which takes longer and because we still have to wear masks adds a bit of a challenge none of us want to deal with. 

I started losing weight and feeling better overall almost right away.  I have gone from napping every day to occasional naps now.  I have also gotten more in touch with my internal body clues about how I feel when I eat good clean food.  I have more energy and drive and plan to incorporate what I have learned into the rest of my life.  I also plan to continue working with Nicole for a while on a stepped down program where I still have her to help me continue my journey but I will do my own menu planning so that I can truly make this a rest of my life style change.  I feel that I still need to keep her close for guidance, keeping me accountable and on track.  It took many years to get where I was and it will take some time to ingrain the new habits I have learned from Nicole." J.E.


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