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Why Now is the Time to LEAN INTO your Healthy Habits and Fitness Routine

coronavirus stress wellness Apr 04, 2020

Do you know who Chicken Little is?! 

Feeling like that right now? Like the sky is about to fall around you? 

With all of the chaos- why does healthy lifestyle even matter right now,...

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This Important Trait will Help You Stay Focused and Centered During Coronavirus Pandemic

coronavirus stress wellness Mar 29, 2020

Currently, it’s coronavirus everything, everywhere, 24 hours a day!

I know I’ve personally been feeling the pressure and uncertainty around me. I mean, it’s normal to feel that...

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Coronavirus and Your Health and Fitness: Handwashing 101

Did you know there is a “proper” science-backed way to wash your hands? 

This might seem obvious, but in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s worth a refresher in...

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