Why Now is the Time to LEAN INTO your Healthy Habits and Fitness Routine

Do you know who Chicken Little is?! 

Feeling like that right now? Like the sky is about to fall around you? 

With all of the chaos- why does healthy lifestyle even matter right now, anyway? 

Well … it definitely DOES matter. It matters to ME, it matters to your LOVED ONES, and it will matter to YOU when this pandemic is all over with! 

In fact, I actually believe this is the PERFECT time to lean IN into your healthy habits and fitness routine! 

Because now, more than ever, we can truly value how important our health and well-being is. Especially as we hear news about other people being affected by coronavirus. 

You owe it to yourself and your family to take excellent care of your health, fitness, mindset, and wellness! 

Not only that, but with fewer sports on TV, and less gatherings, vacations, and big social events, a lot of us suddenly have even more time to devote to our self-care! 

Which actually is a luxury that is worth taking advantage of! 

Here’s just a quick list to illustrate what I’m talking about. 

→ There’s more time to cook healthy meals – and maybe even put some in the freezer, for later, to make it easier to stay on-track with your nutrition. 

→ There’s more time to get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air. 

→ Be even MORE consistent with your workouts!  

→ There’s time to tackle a big new goal, like finally finishing that online course! 

→ There’s also time to build and deepen your relationships. Spend time with family members or your pets! Enjoy the small moments. 

→ There’s time to devote to a relaxing new hobby, like gardening, or learn a new skill, to keep your brain sharp. 

→ There’s time to work on your personal growth, by reading books or watching inspiring documentaries. 

Basically, instead of looking at the limitations, look at the OPPORTUNITIES around you! 

What are some amazing opportunities that you can take advantage of right now?

Here’s what I’m working on, personally. More time for my own personal fitness, taking additional professional courses online, learning new tools and resources to serve my members better and add more value than ever to their wellness programs! 

I hope this post got your wheels turning with ideas!  

It’s all about feeling EMPOWERED and controlling what you can! PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING! 

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