Increase Confidence and Reduce Stress in this Quick and Simple Exercise

body confidence stress Aug 23, 2020

Here's an exercise that will help you feel relaxed, appreciated, and just plain amazing.

It helps your body release hormones that make you feel more relaxed, secure, and can even help calm cardiovascular distress.

It works through your skin, which is your body’s largest organ – and it’s incredibly sensory.

Have you touched a baby’s cheek, and seen it immediately respond? Or had someone hold your hand when you were stressed, and felt yourself relax?

Being physically touched can help your body release oxytocin, which is known as the “love hormone.”

You can use use the power of touch right now to help you feel more relaxed and supported.

You can do this exercise any time, whether you are feeling relaxed OR stressed.

You’ll probably want to do this sitting, but it can also be helpful to do it when you are lying down.

Start by taking a few relaxing deep breaths.

Then, place your hand over your heart, and feel the gentle warmth and pressure of your hand.

Just take a few breaths, and feel the natural rising and falling of your chest with your breath.

CONNECT with your body.

As you do that, take a few moments to feel appreciation for your body, and all it does to keep you alive and moving.

It works hard for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

The key is to do it with focus and attention, and feel gratitude and appreciation.

Take a moment to notice how you feel.

You’ll probably mostly notice good feelings start to flood over you.

Try doing this exercise every day for a week, and notice the impact it has on your body confidence and feelings of well-being!


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