An Easy, Feel-good Way to Get Rid of Brain Fog

well-being wellness Feb 10, 2020

Have you ever gotten brain fog in the middle of the day?  You know … when you can’t think clearly, things take longer for you to recall, and you feel like your thoughts are really disorganized and cloudy?

Do you ever get it? I’ve definitely been there, and it can be really hard to shake off. 

It’s tempting to want to power through it, like mind over matter. 

But it just doesn’t work that way. I’ve got a fix for you that might seem a bit counterintuitive.

Before I break down my strategy for you, let me lay a little background for you.

Think back to your high school days. 

A lot of us had different cliques in our schools … there were the jocks, the brains, the band kids, etc. A few kids crossed the clique boundaries, and maybe you were one of them! 

But for the most part the structure was pretty set. 

This kind of represents how we tend to think about our bodies, with all of our different systems operating independently from each other. 

We start to believe our moods or our thoughts – the things that feel like they are related to our brain – are separate from everything else going on in our bodies. 

But that’s actually far from the truth! Everything in our bodies are CONNECTED! 

This month in the SimplyFit Club, we're focusing a lot on the power of movement … and how much you move has a major impact on BRAIN FOG as well as your BRAIN HEALTH!  

Do you ever notice how a quick walk or workout helps to clear your thinking?  

It’s not in your imagination. 

Science backs this up. I came across a study a while ago that put people through tests to measure their thinking skills AFTER they exercised. 

Guess what? People who did aerobic exercises came in with scores 10 to 20 years younger than their actual age. People who did stretches or toning exercises didn’t get the same results. 

Pretty amazing, right? 

That’s not all. There’s actually a ton of research on this topic. 

Studies show that regular cardio exercise, like walking, not only helps with stress reduction, but it can actually change your brain, especially the areas involved with thinking and memory. 

Your brain can grow in volume, with new cells, and even new blood vessels! 

Plus, regular exercise of course also helps with other things like balancing your blood sugar and reducing inflammation, which are important for brain health. 

So what does this all mean? 

If you want to shake out the cobwebs associated with brain fog, try going for a short brisk walk, or squeeze in a quick workout! 

Not only will you get the blood flowing, you’ll probably return with a new perspective on whatever you’re working on! 

Does that sound doable? Let us know in the Facebook Community!

And if you need help coming up with a plan that works for your schedule and lifestyle, I'd be happy to discuss a plan with you! 


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