Client Success! Down 34lbs (and counting!) and Improved Relationship with Food

testimonials Jan 02, 2021

This busy working mom decided to go all in on improving her health and committed to a new lifestyle! She just recently completed The SimplyFit 12-Week Group Coaching Program and is continuing her journey in the SimplyFit Club custom program!

"I've always loved working out, but I struggle with eating well consistently.  In my 30s and early 40s I could usually burn off what I would gain over the weekend eating poorly.  Or I would let a few pounds creep up, then lose them over a month or two to get ready for an event. I had an injury 2 years ago that kept me from being as active as I'd once been and the pounds started to pile on.  I started off 2020 determined to improve my health.  The first 3 months of the year, I was on track to accomplishing my goals.  I eliminated sugar and processed carbs, lost 28 pounds, and I felt great!  Once the pandemic hit full steam and the social unrest spiraled out of control, I turned to food to cope which stalled my weigh loss.  Fortunately, I continued to exercise, but I gained back 4 pounds over 6 months due to inconsistent diet and stress eating. 

I had trained with Nicole years ago, when she had her boot camp, and I'd also done her meal prep plans in the past.  It was late September, and I was trying to salvage the remainder of the year and get my health plan back on track.  I knew that I need to get things under control entering into the Holidays, or I would gain back even more weight. I didn't have the confidence that I could do it on my own, but I was at a loss as to what to do. 

Then I saw an email from Nicole advertising a 12 week program that she was offering focused at women mid-40s and up.  I immediately signed up for a call to get more information and made the commitment. 

I decided that day, that I would follow the program and set a goal to lose 30 pounds before the end of the year.  I wanted to create a lifestyle change so that I could achieve and maintain a healthy weight and prevent the diabetes and heart conditions that I was destined for with the lifestyle that I was leading. 

I immediately saw results with Nicole's plan - Initially, I saw the scale move, then I began to have more energy, then less joint pain, then improved strength.  The changes as well as daily emails and weekly support calls motivated me to continue to work the plan. 

I made consistent lifestyle changes and challenged myself to improve each week.  I tracked everything that went in my mouth and followed the daily exercise plan.  I was looking for new ways to move and new activities to do with my family because I had so much more energy.  I also incorporated new habits such as stretching daily, taking vitamins consistently and meditation.  My body continued to respond with improved mobility, restful sleep, more energy, lowered cravings, and reduced inflammation (no more joint pain)!   

I didn't want to cook different food for me and my family, so I cooked all the same foods as I meal prepped each week, and they enjoyed the meals as well.  After 3 months, I exceeded my goal and lost 34 pounds.  I am thrilled that I stayed consistent and didn't get frustrated on weeks where the scale stalled or didn't move like I wanted it to.  I'm also pleased that I was able to tackle the Holiday season and not only NOT gain weight, BUT lose WEIGHT!!!!  This is the first year in a while that I've not gained during the Holiday season.  I now have the confidence that I can make this a lifestyle change and continue to grow on my health journey. 

If you are considering making a change or know that you need to change but don't feel ready, my advise is do not wait.  Dive in now before you feel that you are ready. 

Nicole can give you some tips to make small changes to your lifestyle over time so that it's not overwhelming.  She is extremely knowledgeable and patient and works with you within your abilities.  

This program helped me to get control of my relationship with food, which was my vice for dealing with stress, celebrating success, or filling in boredom. It helped me to replace my unhealthy habits with healthy choices. Ultimately, these lifestyle changes improved my overall mood and well being more than sessions with my therapist." C.T.

You're just a phone call away from starting your health and fitness journey! Click here to schedule a call with me to learn more! 


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