Client Success: Down 31lbs and Off Blood Pressure Medicine

testimonials Jan 12, 2021

This online client participated in a SimplyFit Challenge in 2019 and lost 13lbs which she maintained for about a year. She join the 12-Week Group Coaching Program in 2020 and has lost an additional 18lbs AND is off her blood pressure medicine now!

UPDATE: "Since completing the 12 week beta program, I have lost a few more pounds, which is so exciting! While I have had a few indulgent items here and there, I have actually conquered my biggest craving - donuts! In fact, while on vacation for 2 weeks in July, we passed a Dunkin Donuts 4 times a day and not once did I feel tempted by my favorite blueberry donut. Excitement now comes from going in Trader Joe's. We still meal plan and use the framework and many recipes from the 12 week program. My family and I are striving to be gluten free (80% of the time right now, aiming for 100%) and notice physical improvements with this change. The most impressive thing about the 12 week program is how I was able to really become thoughtful about my choices, and to think about macros. 2 years ago today, I was at my highest weight , and remember seeing my reflection in the store windows at the mall, and could not believe that was me. Overall, I have now lost 47 lbs, so just for fun, I tried my teenage daughter's denim shorts on and they fit! 50 is feeling pretty good!"


"Until 4 1/2 years ago, I was average size to thin, with minimal effort. Then menopause came a little prematurely and the pounds just kept adding on. I was not successful at losing more than the same 4 lbs repeatedly. 

My initial goals were to lose 20-25 lbs, better understand my metabolism as nearing 50 means it's barely a smolder, how to menu plan using whole foods rather than budget foods (high carb, low nutritional value), cure or reduce sugar cravings, and feel less exhausted

My blood pressure is now in the low normal range, and I was able to get off blood pressure medication. That was a huge win, and one of my big "why's." My clothes started fitting better, or looser, after 4 weeks on the 12 week plan, and fitting into some of the clothes that I had hung onto from my "skinnier days." 

I am proud of myself for committing to the 12 week program and succeeding. I really did not think anything would work to get this stubborn weight off. I am so happy to not have the risk of a stroke from hypertension or risk of diabetes. 

My biggest challenge was hands down, carb addiction. I love donuts, cold cereal, and sweets. I had to have a come to Jesus  talk with myself that I was going all in on the Simply Fit Club 12 week program and that if it didn't work, I could have the donut at the end of it. As the weight literally fell off over the weeks, I had more motivation to see the scale move than to have my sweets. I'm not saying I didn't want to, but my "why's" were more important. 

I now have the framework to create a meal plan, understand my macros and calorie count, the importance of regular exercise for just 30 minutes, and feel so much better about myself. 

My advice to someone else just starting out is to get in the right mindset that you are doing this FOR you, not TO you. It will be challenging, but exciting when you feel and see the changes that are about to happen. With this plan, you can't go wrong because Nicole has a recipe guide (with substitutions if you have  food allergies/intolerance, or just a picky eater), weekly menu, and even a grocery list! The exercise app was perfect for doing everything at home or at the gym. 

 Nicole is a wonderful accountability partner, coach, and big supporter. She genuinely wanted me to succeed and always made herself available." J.M

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