A Fun Way to Get Motivated and Back on Track

motivation May 08, 2020

It all starts with ONE question,

Who is your alter ego? Like, your ULTIMATE role model?

It could be a fictional character, a business leader, a family member, an athlete, a celebrity or other person you look up to.

Or, it could even be YOU, after you’ve achieved the goals you want to achieve. Maybe it's even a character you create, with qualities you want more of in your life!

So, here’s the real point of this.

The next time you’re feeling unmotivated or need a little help to get back on track …

Channel your alter ego! Assume their identity – and use it to motivate yourself to take ACTION!

It’s crazy how amazing this works. 

Now, this might seem like a weird thing to do … but it works on a pretty deep level.

That’s because when you remove yourself from the equation and see it through your alter ego’s eyes, you will notice your priorities shift.

It happens almost automatically.

It will help give you CLARITY about what’s important to you, without all the busyness or stress that you’re feeling.

It helps crystallize the actions you need to take to stay aligned with your priorities and reach your goals!

And it provides the motivation to get it done!


So my fun assignment for you today is to choose (or create!) your alter ego. And then the next time you feel yourself sliding off-track, put them to work for you.


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