How to Get Unstuck When You’re in a Rut (The Two-Step, Simplified Version)

mindset Jul 28, 2019

Have you ever felt like something is holding you back from reaching your goals?  Have you ever felt like you were stuck?

Like your tires are spinning in the mud and you just can’t get any traction?

Whether it’s with fitness, at work, or maybe something with your family, or anything in your life? 

Maybe you feel like your feet are stuck in cement, or like there’s way too long of a list of things you have to do BEFORE you can start making progress? 

Or maybe you think the goal you’re after is for other people, not for you.

Now, I’m not going to give you a 5-point plan on beating this feeling because honestly I think that can be really counterproductive. It’s just too much pressure, and I’m all about keeping things simple. 

Instead, I’m going to suggest you do just TWO things to get you moving!

First, and most importantly: just do something real, TODAY to get started.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s say you want to get into better physical shape. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but you haven’t gotten started yet. 

Not to steal Nike’s catch phrase, but your next step is to DO something that will get you on your way. Something do-able. 

This can be as simple as taking a walk around the block or making that appointment you’ve been meaning to make. 

Nothing has to be perfect and it definitely shouldn’t be complicated. You just have to DO something. 

Don’t wait until “tomorrow.” 


Now, this does NOT include making a plan or going shopping for new workout shoes. Those are the kind of activities that make it FEEL like you’re doing something … but you’re really not. 

So: Do something. And then do a little something tomorrow, too, and also the day after that but try not to make a big thing out of it. 

This is all about letting go of perfection. Over time, you will build up momentum and that “stuck” feeling will begin to go away. 

When you’re ready, THEN you can start making more concrete plans. I’m always here to help you when it’s the right time. 

The second thing is to focus on TODAY. Make it the best day you absolutely can!

 How do you do that? You think about other things you can do right now, to dominate your day and reach your goals! 

Have you read the book Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus? 

It’s all about making each day your BEST day. There’s a ton of great info in it that will get you pumped up about squeezing everything you can out of your time!

 It does it in a powerful way, and not in a stressful, doing-so-much-you’re-overwhelmed way. 

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book: “To live one day well is the same as to live 10,000 days well. To master 24 hours is to master your life.”

 It’s so true.

 One thing he does every morning is start each day with a glass of lemon water to kick off his day with a healthy detox, and then he spends a few minutes in natural light to help wake his body up. Sounds simple, but it can make a real difference.

I personally have been following the Miracle Morning Routine since I read the book back in 2015 by reading, writing, meditating, visualizing and exercising before anything else for the day. But, I didn't start by doing all of those things. I started with reading, and then continued to add the others until I was doing all naturally every morning. Most days my exercises naturally falls a little later in the morning, like a schedule tennis match) but I make sure it's scheduled and solid on my calendar so I don't miss it.  

Can you think of a couple things you can do today to move you forward? 

If you can come up with an idea or two, write them down now and then get them done! 

Focusing on one day at a time – TODAY! – makes reaching your goals less overwhelming. Then, when you wake up tomorrow, you just do the same thing, focus on making it the best day ever. 

Every single day is a new day to dominate and own. Pretty inspiring, right?

 Here is a recap:

Tip No. 1: Take an ACTION TODAY, not tomorrow. It doesn’t matter how small.

Tip No. 2: Focus on owning your day. Every single day.

 I hope this has been helpful! I’d love to know what your “one” thing is for today if you’d like to share it!  I'd love to hear from you and stay connected! You can find me on Facebook or Instagram at @simplyfitnicole Leave me a comment there so I know what it is!

Nicole Gauthier


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