How to Stay Fit When You Don’t Have Time


The Holiday's seem to be a time when we all get super busy. 

Every year I hear people say they are going to put off their wellness and fitness routines until after the holidays because they don’t have any time. 

This is what I want to get real about – it’s TIME. 

You know, all those things we promise ourselves we’ll do someday when we finally have time? 

Remember back in March, April, and May? When most of us had a lot of extra time on our hands? 

Did you make use of that to finally get to all of those things you always meant to do? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is NO. 

This is why the real issue isn’t time – it’s your PRIORITIES.  Because somehow we always manage to make time for the things we make a PRIORITY in our life. 

During the time we stayed home earlier this year, priorities shifted to self-soothing, to help everyone feel less stressed. People watched TV, cooked, did jigsaw puzzles, and shopped a lot on Amazon. 

Every year during the holidays, priorities shift to other things, like family and shopping and decorating and parties. 

But it definitely does NOT have to be an either-or situation. There STILL is time to fit in short workouts and eat healthy meals and take care of yourself – as long as you make it a priority. 

And the best part is, those actions will give you even MORE energy to enjoy the holidays when they finally get here! 

All you have to do is make it a PRIORITY for yourself - because you deserve it. 

So, getting real: what are your priorities for the upcoming holiday season? Do you want to finish the year feeling fitter, stronger, and less stressed than you do right now? 

You have the power to make that happen – you just have to decide!  

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