Tips to Enjoy Holiday Season Treats Without Regret!

healthy holidays Nov 28, 2021

It’s the HOLIDAYS! They are HERE!  There is joy and cheer all around, and also cookies, candy, cheese dip, and sugar and unhealthy fats everywhere. 

Some of these foods might hold powerful memories for you because they’ve been a part of your holiday tradition for years and years! 

Maybe there are even recipes that date back into your family for generations. 

And let’s face it. Some of these foods might also be the cheap and disgustingly sweet factory-made sugar cookies. Like something one of your coworkers picked up at the convenience store at the last minute, because they weren’t sure what to bring to the office holiday party. 

Which brings me back to “The Great British Baking Show.” 

One of the judges said that one of the baked treats prepared by a contestant “wasn’t worth the calories.” 

And then she later said another item WAS worth the calories because it tasted so delicious. 

This actually turned into a pretty big controversy in the UK, because some people thought calories are beside the point when it comes to a baking competition. 

But I definitely think this line of thinking is EXACTLY the point when it comes to your holiday treats. But I will say, it’s NOT just about the calories! 

It’s about how the foods make you feel, and their impact on your overall wellness. 

For example, you might decide that having a slice of your grandmother’s legendary pie, or one of your mom’s homemade dinner rolls, are worth eating. 

That’s because they are special treats, taste amazing, and you only get to eat them every once in a while. 

But those convenience-store sugar cookies packed with too much sugar and unhealthy fats are definitely NOT worth it and there’s nothing special about them – in fact, they’ll leave you feeling worse for having eaten them! 

You might get a stomachache, a headache, and need a nap later. Talk about regrets, right? 

That’s why it’s so important to pick and choose your favorites wisely … and make sure your choices are worth it. It’s all about having NO REGRETS. 

Seriously, don’t you hate it when you’ve eaten something and then you’re like, “Well, that was a mistake.” 

This isn’t just about your waistline, but your overall energy and well-being. 

Eating rich or sugary foods that you don’t normally eat can have a pretty big effect on your body. You might find yourself feeling moody, tired, or bloated. Totally not worth it! 

That’s why I think it’s good advice to put your food choices to the “worth it” test! Especially seasonal and holiday foods. 

You don’t ever want to feel “guilty” after eating something. You want to enjoy what you eat and have a great time with your friends and family. 

All it takes is a little awareness … so before you eat anything that isn’t part of your normal healthy diet, simply ask yourself … how will I feel later? 

Will it make you feel tired, crabby, or uncomfortable afterwards? Will you feel like you have to take a nap, or will it interfere with your sleep? 

Or will you really enjoy eating it, and will you feel good afterward?! 

What ONE HOLIDAY FOOD is worth it to you – and what food isn’t?  

Let these questions guide you to make the best possible decision for YOU this holiday season!



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