THE #1 Rule for Effective Fitness Programs

It's back to basics with fitness and moving our bodies! 

Today I'm sharing effective, time-tested ways to get strong, get fit, and feel great. 

The fact is, working out does so much to make your body FIT and HEALTHY from the INSIDE OUT. 

It literally helps make you healthier from the top of your head to your toes, affecting everything from your brain function and circulation to your digestive system, hormones, mood, and immune response, not to mention your heart and lungs! 

I thought it would be interesting to talk about THE KEY POINT of what it REALLY takes to get into great shape and experience all those benefits. … 

You’ll find this has takeaways that translate to all areas of your life!  

OK … Are you ready for the REAL SECRET of fitness? 

It is that there is NO secret! 

But if you want results, and to attain real fitness that lasts a lifetime, there is actually a RULE – which is that KEY I mentioned before.  

First, the three pillars are strength, stamina, and flexibility. Your body and health benefit from all three components! 

Well-rounded programs include exercises that challenge your muscles so they get stronger, work your cardiovascular system so your endurance improves, and help your joints and muscles work through a full range of motion, keeping you feeling limber and mobile. 

OK … so now for the answer to the question of the No. 1 rule for fitness programs ... 

Have you guessed what it is? 


Working out on a regular basis will do more for you than cranking out a few long, hard workouts every once in a while. 

Seriously, it’s much better to do a little less, more often than it is to do long, grueling workouts for a week or two and then give up!  

You’ll get better results, more health benefits, and plus you’ll feel better in the long run! 

That’s a triple win. 

That’s why I advocate starting with slow, manageable steps that you can easily work into your daily lifestyle! That way you aren’t overwhelmed. 

You can always build up your routine over time, as you start to feel the results of your workouts. 

Consistency is a big part of success in EVERY area of your life. It just takes showing up and putting in some effort, on a regular basis. 

Chances are you can think of a couple of areas in your life where you’ve put the power of consistency into action already –  at work, or with your family and relationships, or even with a hobby or skill you enjoy doing, like playing a musical instrument. 

If you make that happen with your workout routine, you (and your body) will love the results. 

And as I said, you will FEEL the benefits, in terms of energy, mood, and overall fitness. 

If you are looking for help in being consistent (aka with ACCOUNTABILITY!) with your fitness routine, that is my SPECIALTY.  Click here schedule a free consult and learn more about working with me.



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