My Top 5 Fitness & Wellness Gifts for 2020

healthy holidays Dec 13, 2020

Here's my list of a few of my favorite fitness and health gifts for 2020!

These are things you can feel GOOD about giving the people on your list – or you can give them to yourself! :-) 

My gift ideas for you today aren’t in any particular order. They’re all great!

Ready? Here it is...


These are a great option and they were in HIGH demand earlier this year when people were looking for more ways to workout at home.

For a while, that made them really hard to find! But you can find them online and in stores again.

As far as exercise equipment goes, resistance bands take up almost no space, are inexpensive, and best of all, are effective! They can help you get a fantastic total body workout.

Choose a set of bands that have a variety of resistance, from thinner bands to thicker ones, to help you get a quality workout that works for all fitness levels!

2. A set of good-quality meal storage containers

Most of us have a stash of reusable plastic containers in our kitchen. 

While they definitely are convenient, especially if you’re using them to bring your lunch to work, they also have a very limited shelf life!

They can become stained … change texture … end up getting warped in the dishwasher ... and after a while, you have to throw them out.

But glass containers can last forever!

And most important of all, you don’t have to worry about the toxic chemicals from plastic leaching into your food every time you microwave them.

You can pick up sets of glass storage containers pretty inexpensively online and at most major stores.

3. A comfy sweatshirt or hoodie

Do you have a favorite sweatshirt, hoodie, or fleece shirt that feels great every time you put it on? And you actually look forward to wearing it? 

Wouldn’t you love to give that feeling to someone else?

This can be a hard gift to buy online unless you know exactly what the shirt or hoodie FEELS like! But it’s so worth it. Maybe someone watching can give us a heads-up about their favorite comfortable brand, too!

4. A water bottle

This might seem basic but there are some pretty amazing bottles right now – from filtering to self-cleaning to insulated, and even collapsible lightweight flasks that are perfect for hiking.

There’s a water bottle for almost every activity! One that almost everyone on your list could use is a bottle that helps you keep track of how much water you drink in a day.

That can be an especially thoughtful gift for the older folks on your list! Did you know that as you get older, your sense of thirst diminishes? This means dehydration can become a problem for seniors.

Reminding them to drink up is a great way to show you care about their health!

5. A gift certificate for something they would love but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Get them a massage treatment … a float tank session or pedicure … or even an online Zoom class to learn a skill that they are interested in, like cooking or watercolor or who knows what!

Another item to consider is a gift certificate for the SimplyFit Club for in-home personal training or virtual fitness & nutrition coaching! 

I can get you more info on that if you contact me!

I hope this list helps spark some ideas for healthy gifts for the people on your list!

There’s really no better way to show you care than to help your friends and loved ones take even better care of themselves!


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