"Seinfeld Strategy" to Create Better Habits?

habits mindfulness Nov 14, 2021

Have you ever heard something called “The Seinfeld Strategy”? 

If you haven't yet, I think you’re going to love it - because it’s the exact same strategy Jerry Seinfeld used to keep up with his creative writing for his standup routines and his TV show. 

And it’s a GREAT strategy for helping you to stay consistent with your health and nutrition routines, too.   

All it takes is a CALENDAR and PEN or MAGIC MARKER. 

Seinfeld used a big wall calendar when he made up his strategy, but you can use any kind of calendar you want. 

Here’s how it works: 

Every single day you work out, all you do is draw a BIG X to cover that date on your calendar. Pretty simple, right? 

After just two days, you start to create a chain of Xs. 

Your goal is to “NEVER BREAK THE CHAIN”. Keep it going! 

I know it sounds really simple, but there’s something weirdly satisfying about looking at the calendar and seeing all those Xs pile up ... 

… Xs that YOU EARNED by taking ACTION. 

I have a couple of suggestions that can help you make this work even better for you. 

First … What happens if something comes up and you miss a day? 

Don’t beat yourself up - just get back on track ASAP. 

Count up how many days in a row you’ve earned an X and when you start back up, aim to break your old streak. 

So let’s say you had 10 Xs on your calendar before you took a break ... next time aim for at LEAST 11. 

But my second tip just might prevent you from missing days in the first place! 

Here it is: 

Don’t go crazy with strict rules about earning your Xs. Set a reasonable minimum amount that you can achieve with a little effort – but not too much – and stick with it. 

Seriously, it’s a lot more reasonable to set a goal of 15-20 minutes a day of working out instead of 60 to 90 minutes. 

Being consistent with small actions is the single best way to get results and BUILD MOMENTUM that helps carry you closer to your goals. 

It helps you learn to trust yourself to follow through … be accountable … and it gives you a taste of success that makes you want even MORE!  

In the SimplyFit Club app, we actually use a habit tracker that let's you track certain habits and see your "streaks!"

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