This Ingredient Makes all the Difference in Getting Fit After 40

finish strong motivation Apr 12, 2021

Have you ever been out of an ingredient when you were making a favorite recipe at home… 

… and after digging around in your pantry, you decide to go without it. 

And the result is OK. But it’s not GREAT. 

There's an important ingredient that can take your fitness/wellness results from OK to great! 

In fact, it’s an ingredient I rely on myself.  

 One ingredient that’s missing in a lot of fitness/wellness programs is accountability and support. 

It’s having someone to help motivate you along the way! 

Actually … that’s more like three ingredients, right? But they all fit together. 

These ingredients are SUPER important, especially after a couple weeks of starting a new program, when your enthusiasm starts to wear off. 

It’s also important when your results are stalling out a little, and you could benefit from an outside eye so you know what to do next. 

The ingredient I’m talking about is working with an experienced coach with a PROVEN process. 

Hiring a coach is exactly what I do when I’m working toward a goal I’m committed to achieving! 

Having someone there to give you the support, accountability, and coaching is a LIFE-CHANGER. 

It’s rare to have someone just as invested in your goals as YOU are! 

A coach can eliminate the trial and error, keep you on track with your goals, and help hold you accountable to follow-through on your plan. 

PLUS ... they can help address all the other factors affecting your results, from workouts and nutrition to stress and sleep and more!  

If you haven’t reached your goals yet, or you feel stuck, this could be the reason why! 

If you’re ready to make a real difference in your body and get fit after 40, I can help. 

In fact, I’ve helped 1,000's of ladies lose weight, get fit over the past 25 years.

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