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metabolism weight loss Jul 26, 2020

There's something that might be affecting your results and your metabolism ... without you even realizing it! 

It’s how active you are during the DAY – the time you spend seated vs. standing, how many steps you take each day, and more! I’ve got some great stats for you, so hang on!  

It’s pretty eye-opening.   

If you’ve ever had an office job, or had a job doing something like waiting tables, you will 100% relate to what I am about to tell you, because chances are you will have gone through this firsthand. 

It boils down to this: The more active you are, the more active your metabolism will be. Plain and simple. 

The difference in your activity can add up to hundreds of calories a day. And this can have a huge impact on whether you stay the same weight, gain weight, or lose weight! 

Plus, being less active is linked with a long list of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even some kinds of cancer. 

First, I want you to think about how active you are every day. 

For example, do you mostly sit down, are you up and down a lot, or are you on your feet moving around most of the day? 

I’m going to share some CRAZY stats with you, which are based on someone who weighs around 145 pounds. So if you weigh more, you will burn slightly more calories, and if you weigh less, you will burn less. 

Also, a quick caveat. I am a firm believer that the quality of food is SO IMPORTANT and goes way beyond the # of calorie it has …. but just for illustration’s sake I’m using pizza in my examples below, because it’s an easy reference for everyone! 

So here we go! Let’s say you have a desk job – like you’re an accountant, an IT developer, a receptionist, or an office manager. 

During the day you would burn an estimated 820 calories during the workday. 

Just for illustration’s sake, that’s about the number of calories in just under 2 slices of cheese pizza. For the whole day! 

Now, let’s say you are a little more active than that at work. You’re up and down a lot – like a teacher, personal trainer, cook, realtor, healthcare worker, or first responder. 

People in this category would burn about 1,020 calories during the day. In keeping with our pizza example, that’s about 2½ slices of cheese pizza. 

Finally, here are the stats if you have a very active job, like a farmer, wait person, landscaper, or construction worker. These people not only rack up a lot of steps every day, but they often are lifting and carrying things.  

This group burns around 1,400 calories every day. That’s about 3½ pizza slices. 

That adds up to a 60% difference between the sedentary job and the most active one! 

AND … over the course of a 5-day workout, that’s almost 1 pound!!! 

This is why it is so important to work extra activity into your day whenever possible … especially if you have a sedentary job. 

This isn’t just for your weight, but also for your energy and vitality! You will feel so much better. 

Can you take a 5 or 10 minute break every hour for a quick walk around the office? If you work at home, can you sneak in some push-ups or squats every once in a while? 

Start brainstorming little ways you can boost your activity level. Your body and your metabolism will definitely thank you for it. 

If you need help with strategies for this, that's what I'm here for! 


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