How to Reach Your Goals in the New Year

goal getting goal setting Jan 04, 2022

Here's a quick question to help you with your New Year's Resolution..."What does SUCCESS looks like for you this year?"

This is a little different than the usual goal setting exercises so common this time of year, and I think it might actually be LIBERATING for you … because just the fact you are reading this means you probably are already a pretty goal-oriented person.

 You’ve been there and done that. So let’s put aside the idea of “goals” for a second.

 What would SUCCESS in 2022 look like to you?

 Fast forward to the evening of December 31, 2022, and close your eyes…

 If you are looking back over the year …

 What would make you feel HAPPY … PROUD … or FULFILLED – and say, “Look at what I did this year!”?

 You don’t have to focus only on your health and wellness success – do this for ANY area of your life.

 Your relationships … career … hobbies … education … you name it!

 Now … what HABITS do you need to put in place to help make that success a reality?


 I love this approach because it is focused on the PAYOFFS of your daily or weekly efforts – and by PAYOFFS, I mean the things that define success to you.

It helps you form a direct line between WHAT YOU DO …. and the OUTCOMES that mean the most to you. And that's what it' all about! 



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