What you NEED to know About Gut Health Right Now

gut health immune system Apr 11, 2020

Does the idea that there are trillions of bacteria living inside you RIGHT NOW freak you out? 

I know it sounds a little creepy … but it’s absolutely normal and healthy, and it’s part of having a healthy digestive system! 

I’m going to talk all about those amazing bacteria and how they impact your health … and your results in a BIG way.  

I sent out an email about this topic to my newsletter subscribers recently but I wanted to touch on it here, too. Because what’s happening in your gut has a HUGE impact on what is happening in your entire body, including your immune system

I’m talking about everything from your mood to your digestion, and even your brain and your heart! Plus, your gut health can play a role in your weight, and vice versa. 

Here’s why that matters! 

Your gut is like its own planet, with tens of TRILLIONS of residents. And there are hundreds of different species of them. All together, it’s called your gut microbiome. 

Each kind of bacteria has a different job. Some help make hormones and help with your body’s processes, some help make neurotransmitters that affect your mood and your focus ... and some even help turn veggies into cancer fighters! 

Plus, a whole lot more! They also play a big role in your immune system. 

But there are also unhealthy bacteria and other toxins in your gut. I’m talking about things like E.coli. 

Scientists are learning just how important it is to keep the right balance of bacteria. This is a huge area of study that we will be hearing a lot more about in the next several years. 

And what’s even more interesting is that each of us has our own unique balance… like our fingerprint. 

We all share about one-third of the same basic gut makeup, which means two-thirds of your gut microbiome population is individual to you! 

As a side note, this could explain why some of us do better on different kinds of diets, and scientists are exploring all of that. 

But even with that, there are a lot of actions you can take to keep your gut in balance. 

It all boils down to an overall healthy lifestyle that makes you feel better all the way around. 

I’m going to outline the highlights you can get started on right now... 

#1 What you eat plays a HUGE role. The good bacteria likes a healthy, balanced diet with unprocessed foods, fiber from foods like apples and oats, and very little added sugar. 

Plus, it can help to eat fermented foods that contain healthy bacteria in them … like sauerkraut and yogurt with active cultures. 

#2 Sleep also plays a big role in your gut health.  First, not getting enough sleep can harm the good bacteria in your gut. That’s because your gut microbiome plays a role in creating sleep hormones. And with fewer of those hormones, it can make it harder to sleep! 

#3 People who exercise regularly appear to have a healthier gut balance, at least while they’re keeping up with their exercise regimen. 

#4 STRESS can do a huge number on your gut microbiome. There’s a direct link between the lining of your gut and your brain, with each affecting the other, so making time to destress is huge! This also impacts your immune system. 

I know I covered a lot there – but it’s good to keep all of that in mind. When everything is working together properly, you can feel unstoppable! 

And remember … What helps YOU feel healthy and strong will also help your gut feel healthy and strong! 

It’s all connected!

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