3 Ways You Can Reduce Stress So You Can Eat Right and Workout

motivation stress Sep 14, 2021

You know how when you’ve had a busy day and are feeling stressed out, the last thing you feel like doing is working out or cooking a healthy meal?

I’ve got news for you! You’re NOT ALONE!

It’s actually NORMAL to feel that way. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to give in to it!

In this post I’m going to share a few ways you can overcome that feeling, so that it’s a LOT easier to stay on track. 

Have you ever heard of “decision fatigue”? 

It happens when you have to make a lot of decisions during the day. Decision fatigue can happen when you make a lot of decisions during stressful day at work, or EVEN when you’ve had an AMAZING day doing things outside your normal routine.

Basically, the more decisions you make, the harder it is to use your “willpower” or have self-control as the day goes on.

For instance, after a long day you might be tempted to skip your workout, and saying “no” to junk food gets a LOT harder.

This doesn’t apply only to fitness and health, though. If you go shopping, you might find that you spend more than usual…. or you might decide to skip doing your chores around your home.

We’ve all been there. 

My advice when it comes to decision fatigue is to acknowledge that it is a REAL THING, so that you can come up with a plan to deal with it whenever it hits!

In fact, I am going to share THREE WAYS to handle it.

#1 You want to do as much as you can ahead of time to PREVENT decision fatigue in the first place.

This means planning and preparing your meals ahead of time whenever you can, so you don’t have to make a decision about what to eat! Your food is ready for you.

Also, every night before you go to bed, prepare for the next day as much as possible to set yourself up for success …

This also helps you to make fewer decisions in the morning!

Try to have an idea what you’re going to wear, eat for breakfast… and basically get everything lined up and ready-to-go to start your day off RIGHT.

#2 Take a couple minutes each week to come up with a realistic schedule to get ALL your non-negotiables complete. I like to do this weekly because my schedule is always changing!

Make sure you don’t overcommit and be sure to set aside time to handle your household to-do list, while also making time for fun…. so you can cut back on stress!

#3 When decision fatigue eventually DOES strike, the best thing you can do is take a few deep breaths and show yourself a little compassion.

Instead of defaulting into an unhealthy behavior, shift to something positive that doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to do.

For example: If you’re thinking about “skipping” your workout, instead of thinking about how much effort you’ll have to give in the workout… just put on your sneakers!

Then take the next step. And then the next, and then before you know it your workout is complete and you feel AMAZING and proud of yourself.

Or… if putting those sneakers on isn’t working, try a quick 5 minute meditation break to calm your mind and reset.

And if what you REALLY need to do is find a quiet spot, brew a cup of tea, and relax with a good book or happy movie…. DO IT!

ACTION STEP: Pick your go-to now for decision fatigue to help you deal with it.

Hope you have an awesome and STRESS-FREE day!


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