4-Week JumpStart: 21 pounds down. More Energy. Less Stress, and More Motivation than Ever

In just 4 short weeks, this client has already turned around here health and fitness! She's is taking it to the next level and continuing her journey in the SimplyFit 12-Week Coaching Program! Check back for updates!

"I have struggled with weight issues since childhood.  I even had gastric bypass in 2004. Although I achieved great results with that, life came at me fast and hard afterwards.  I got married, lost my dad, and got divorced within two years and food became my comfort again. I slowly found my weight creeping up, but I never saw myself as obese, I just did not feel good.  

I am a 53 year old Mammography Technologist.  In August, we got a new bone density machine.  I thought I would get an order for a total body fat analysis just so my team could use the new software on an actual patient.  Boy!  Was that an eye opener.  Not only was I disgusted with my BMI, but the amount of fat around my organs scared me.  My dad died at age 61 of a massive coronary, my mother is a Type 2 diabetic, and my sister in renal failure from Type 1 diabetes, it was like a switch flipped for me and I knew I had no time to waste in getting myself to a healthier state. 

A co-worker recommended Simply Fit Club and I signed up that day.  I started my journey at 278 pounds (which is not the heaviest I have ever been).  I was totally addicted to chocolate. Stressed at work, eat chocolate.  Stressed at home eat chocolate, tired eat chocolate for a boost of energy...you get the picture. I also had a habit of drinking diet Dr. Peppers all the time. 

I made a choice that enough was enough and after the SimplyFit Sugar Detox and some issues with orthostatic blood pressures, I have not craved chocolate once and I drink nothing but water. 

I was afraid of the exercise portion of the program due to bad knees.  Jumping Jack's and floor exercises are tough on unstable joints, but I have been able to modify most of the exercises or replace them with something I can do..the point is to move! 

Now when I am stressed, I walk or work out. 

Nicole is a great coach, not only for health and fitness, but also for your emotional well being.  The emails every morning always seemed to be talking to me and what I was thinking, feeling, or dealing with. 

At the end of the four weeks, I am at 256...21 pounds down!  I have more energy, less stress, and more motivation than ever.

I have learned it is ok for me to say no to things that interfere with me taking care of me and I do not have to stop at Sonic every day to be fulfilled.

For the first time in probably thirty years,  I am focusing on me.  I am in a good place and moving forward to a healthier me in mind, body, and spirit.  Thank you Nicole for providing the support I need"

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