Intuitive Eating - A Simple Way to Eat Healthier

Have you ever heard of INTUITIVE EATING. Basically, it’s all about getting out of the “diet mindset.”

I see so many people who jump from “this diet” to “that diet” and are wrecking their metabolism and their bodies. 

Well, intuitive eating is almost the OPPOSITE of a diet. 

With intuitive eating, you focus on SLOWING DOWN and listening to your body’s cues. 

It’s about eating when you truly feel hungry, and then stopping when you’re feeling satisfied. 

You also focus on foods that make you FEEL GOOD … vs. feeling bloated, tired, or regretful afterwards. 

It sounds SO SIMPLE…. Right? 

BUT… if you’ve been following this diet or that diet... or cutting out entire food groups …  or only eating during certain hours each day, the idea of this style of eating can sound a little wild or crazy! 

Because the fact is, if you’ve been following restrictive diets for a while, intuitive eating can take some practice and trial and error. 

Can you imagine how liberating it would be if you no longer have “good” foods or “bad” foods? 

That means you don’t feel guilty if every once in a while, you decide to have a slice of pizza or a piece of cake. 

But the strange thing is, after a while with intuitive eating, you might not even WANT the pizza or cake because of how it makes you feel after you eat it!

 It gives you so much freedom. 

The biggest thing is, if you have ever spent a lot of time wondering what to eat and how much ... once intuitive eating becomes part of your lifestyle, you won’t spend a lot of time even thinking about food. 

If you want to get started with this style of eating, my biggest tip is to SLOW DOWN. 

When you start to feel like you want to eat, SLOW DOWN and ask yourself: are you physically hungry? Or are you stressed, or bored, or are you eating out of habit? 

Then, when you do eat, SLOW DOWN and take your time so you actually can enjoy your meal! 

This gives your body a chance to recognize when you’re full so you don’t end up feeling stuffed, tired, and bloated after your meal. 

If you want a second helping, just … slow down. Are you actually hungry, or do you just feel like eating? 

And then after you eat, pay attention to how you feel. 

Do you feel energized and ready to go, or do you feel bloated or blah? These are important clues into making healthier food choices for your body. 

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