Energized, Successful, and Motivated... Plus Down 12lbs!

testimonials Nov 15, 2020

"I have enjoyed working with Nicole over the past few months. Her meal plans include recipes for a variety of tastes. Her exercise plans are challenging but not overwhelming. I promise you WILL NOT be hungry and you WILL see results if you stick to the plans!!

Nicole started working with me a little over 12 weeks ago. Even though I am closing in on my 6th decade, Nicole was effective in helping me to build a life changing plan for success.

Over the years I’ve always thought that less was better….stick with salads, eat low fat/no fat, focus only on calories….however, my weight and my A1C kept creeping up.

I felt sluggish, frustrated and unmotivated. While working with Nicole, I learned how to plan for meals and have lost around 12 pounds and my A1C is down.

I went from exercising with 2 pound dumbbells to working out with 8 pound dumbbells. Today I feel energized, successful and motivated.

I still have weight to lose and a body to tone. I accept this will be a little slower than I would have originally liked but slow and steady will get me to where I want to be!!

Thank you Nicole for setting me up for success!!" T. R.

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