The Power of Daily Habits and Your Daily Non-Negotiables

habits Apr 25, 2020

 What are your non-negotiable healthy habits that you do every single day? 

Well right now …. it’s time to lean into them even harder. If there are any upsides to what’s been going on in our world the past couple months, it’s that we’re learning about exactly what we want in our lives … and also what we don’t! 

We’ve learned firsthand how interconnected we are … not just on social media, but in real, face-to-face, life. 

… and we’ve also learned about something great thinkers have been talking about for thousands of years. 

It’s something called SELF-RELIANCE. 

Basically, this means as much as possible, we should be as self-sufficient as possible, and follow our own path to build our best, most meaningful life. 

Obviously, this self-sufficiency includes not putting anyone else at risk! 

Being self-sufficient includes making your health a priority – and setting clear boundaries to make that happen. 

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about my non-negotiable daily habits and how they help with my self-reliance ... 

AND I’ve realized how all of my tried-and-true habits have never let me down. 

All of the items on my list have ONE thing in common. 

They make me feel better – and actually help me to be a more productive person both for myself, and for others. 

When I do the things on my list, I feel stronger mentally and physically … and I have more energy to give! 

So, with that in mind … Here is a list of my non-negotiables. 

  • Working out 3-5 days a week. I have a pretty firm schedule with this. Right now I am actually breaking it up into two shorter workout day. In the morning, I'll do Yoga or weight train, in the afternoon I do cardio or an interval workout, just depending on what I did that morning. Both workouts are about 20-30 each.
  • Eating veggies with every meal. I definitely notice a change in how I look and feel when I don’t get my veggies in – which makes this one worth it!
  • Planning my meals ahead of time. When I have good food ready to go, I eat good food … and guess what? It makes me feel good, too!
  • Getting in 5-10 minutes of breathing and meditation work. Again, this one sneaks up on me – it’s one of those things I notice the effects of when I do NOT do it.
  • Going to bed by early. If I don’t get enough sleep, I notice a change in my mood, energy, and even my hunger levels.
  • Drinking 10 glasses of water a day. Not getting enough is a definite energy-zapper!
  • Taking "time to smell the roses" by going on a stroll or sitting on the porch with my family at night. 

So … that’s my list! Each one of those things adds so much value to my life, and keeps me feeling positive and moving forward. 

What are some things that add value to YOUR life, that are non-negotiables right now? 

Are there any things in your life that you would like to make a non-negotiable? 

Take a moment to journal these thoughts. 

I think these are important questions to ask ourselves so we can set our priorities moving forward. 

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